Boys Commissioner:
Michael French
Girls Commissioner:
TJ Whorton


2021 Calendar





Grades 3-6: Instruction is focused on the development of skill and knowledge, safety, and enjoyment of the sport. Equal playing time and equal opportunity is offered to each player in practice and games so each player can experience every aspect of the sport

Grades 7-8: Experience and enjoy the competitive nature of sports by learning to strive for their own personal best while remembering the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship. At this level we expect all players to be kept motivated and continue to obtain instruction from all coaches, referees/umpires, and others to improve their skill and knowledge of the sport allowing for personal and team advancement. The Middle School Team is meant to prepare the players for High School Sports.


Lacrosse season begins around the last weekend in February and will run through the first or second week of June. Teams are organized 3rd / 4th grade, 5th / 6th grade, and 7th / 8th grade.  St. Paul usually fields two teams at each level. All coaches typically are St. Paul parents, except 7th / 8th grade. Teams are divided equally by a draft conducted by the head coaches.

Minimum Playing Time (per player)

Grades 3-6: equal time in every game.
Grades 7-8: Competitive team, no playing minimum; Developmental team, equal time in every game.


Teams will play between 8-14 games plus tournaments.


Typically begin the first week of March.


PAA will provide any first year player with a starter stick which is theirs to keep. PAA will also provide each team with the appropriate goalie equipment.


PAA supplies Uniforms for all Grades and goggles for Grades 3-5.


Grades 3-4:

PAA supplies jerseys, helmets, gloves, arm pads, and shoulder pads.

Grades 5-8:

PAA supplies jerseys and helmets.  Players are expected to provide their own gloves, arm pads, and shoulder pads.


Not applicable.